Fall 2020 Season Registration

by Anthony Merrigan

MAD Hockey League Registration Information:

Per City of Philadelphia Covid 19 restrictions our Arena is temporarily closed. We expect to return to a full schedule of league play as soon as the restrictions on indoor sports activities are lifted. Games have been temporarily moved to the Sportsplex in Feasterville. For the latest news regarding NERC. Please visit - Northeast Racquet Club & Fitness Center

We are starting to take registrations for the 2020 Fall Season. Since the NERC will not be re-opening we will be moving all games to SPORTSPLEX in Feasterville PA. Our leagues will not be changing formats, ONLY locations and League Name. Because of Philadelphia’s restriction on indoor sports this is the only option we have. The new league will be call MAD Hockey League (Mid-Atlantic District Hockey League)  

Below is important information for the upcoming season. Games will be on (M,T,W,Th). Once the schedule is completed it will be posted at www.madhockey.org

Registration Link - Click Here

Fall Season Info  

Sunday Hockey League(SHL) 10 Games + Playoffs (single elimination), $1175 + $40 Ref Fees 

SHL Dates: Sept 20,27 // Oct 4,11,18,25 // Nov 1,8,15,22 -- Playoffs: Nov 29, Dec 6th  

Divisions - Bronze Early (8 am - 1130 am) Silver (12 pm - 2 pm) Gold (3 pm - 5 pm) Bronze Late (5 pm – 7 pm)  

Weeknight Hockey League(WNHL) 10 Games + Playoffs (single elimination), $1175 + $40 Ref Fees 

WNHL Dates: Sept 20,27 // Oct 4,11,18,25 // Nov 1,8,15,22 -- Playoffs: Nov 29, Dec 6,13 (Dates = week of) 

10 Games plus playoffs 

Divisions – Gold, Silver, Bronze A, Bronze B 


Ball Hockey League (BHL) - $120/player (NO REF FEES) 

BHL Dates: (Dates = week of)  

Sept 20 Tryout/Draft Night // Sept 27 // Oct 4,11,18,25 // Nov 1,8,15,22 -- Playoffs: Nov 29, Dec 6,13  

9 Games plus playoffs 

Divisions – Draft ONLY  


Contact Info 

Hockey Director / Hockey Operations– Anthony Merrigan – madhockey29@gmail.com Northeast Racquet Club & Fitness Center