Fall League Wide Update (WNHL/SHL)

by Anthony Merrigan


Week 1 starts 9/13. Here is the link for the WNHL SCHEDULE / SHL SCHEDULE . All players must have a matching jersey by game 3 unless the teams is waiting for jerseys.  All players also need to renew their AAU. Link for instructions AAU . Players will not be allowed to play after week 5 if they do NOT have their updated AAU.  

Payments are due at first game. Link for payment methods. www.madhockey.org/payments . $400 is dude by 9/19. 

Rosters - All rosters will be closed at game 4 of the regular season. 

***Important Info*** 

The league wide rule for fill in players states; if you have less than 6 total skates you can use a max of 2 fill in players. This does not include ROSTERED FILL INS. If they are rostered they can qualify for playoffs. You cannot have two players in the same division on separate teams. 

Wheel Deal - We are opening up a purchasing period from 9/12 - 9/19. If you need to order new wheels for the upcoming season follow this link WHEEL DEAL 

I will be there each night this week, so please find me if you have any questions.