Premier League Rosters

by Anthony Merrigan

The Premier League at NERC is the top division in the MAD Hockey Leagues. Every season different local sponsors donate to the league and get a chance to win the coveted NERC Cup. This year we have some new sponsors on the horizon in what looks to be the most competitive season yet. 

Few Will Hunt - Last year FWH won the championship against its apparel competitor Mavin Hockey. Though they may have some new faces, the modo is "'TRUST HARDWORK" and that should make them a top contender this season. 


Brendan Bradley - F (Pro Team) - The Few
Paul Burns - D
Tom Seravalli - F
Nick Foster - F (Pro Team) The Few
Jamie Crane - F
Corey Zimmerman - D/F
Joe Brennan - D (Pro Team) FPHL - ALL TEAMS
Aiden Boyle - F/D
Liam Golderer - F
Pat Coll - G (Pro Team) The Few

Labeda - Labeda is one of our new sponsors on the scene. Labeda has been at the top of the wheel game for over two decades. The have recently sponsored the local Pro Roller Team "The Labeda Few" and are not partners with MAD Hockey. The Labeda roster is absolutely stacked with talent and look to be the favorite in this years league. 


Derek Schultz - F (Pro Team) - Black Ice
Logan Fredericks - F (Pro Team) - The Few
Ryan Sobieski - F (Pro Team) - The Few 
Eric Wakefield - F (Pro Team) - The Few
Marty Bell - F
Eric Bell - F
Max Thalheimer - D
Reggie Hunter - D 
Colin Burgess - F
Mike Macynski - G (Pro Team) - Black Ice 

2 and 10 Apparel - 2 and 10 is the jersey and short provider for MAD Hockey. They are back in the league as a sponsor and have been helping a ton of the teams with the jerseys and apparel. The depth and poise for 2 and 10 is unmatched in the league as they look forward to the beginning of the season.  


Mike Carroll - D (Pro Team) The Few 
Chal Sgrillo - D
Connor Ferrell - F (Pro Team) Liberty
Danny Dolan - F (Pro Team) Empire
Sean Lloyd - F
Keith Goodman - D
Shane Vassalo - F
Luc Garant - D
Kevin Wheller - F
Steve Jastrow - G (Pro Team) The Few 

Meal Boosters - Our last sponsor is another new supporter of the MAD Hockey Leagues. Meal Boosters are a collagen source of protein with a variety of savory flavors. Shane Brennan (CEO) was a Champion to seasons ago and looks to help his team and company to a Premier League Championship. 


Anthony Merrigan - D (Pro Team) The Few 
Shane Brennan - F (Pro Team) Liberty
Alex Nikolai - F
Aaron Huffnagle - F (Pro Team) The Few
John Bright - F/D
Ben Brouillard - F
Sonny Ciocco - D
Chris Benedict - F/D
Mike Malvo - F
Jack Purdy - G