Winter 2021 Season - Need to know

by Anthony Merrigan

Winter 2021 Season Info 

2020 has come and gone. Though we didn't get to play as much as we all wanted, MAD Hockey made several changes to provide the best inline hockey around. With the start of the 2021 Season approaching MAD Hockey has taken even bigger strides towards new leagues, new divisions and growth of the sport. Here's what you need to know for the upcoming season. LISTEN HERE

Premier League

The Premier League was an old idea brought back to life. The original Draft League was the most balanced and competitive league around. With most of the league being travel players it creates a different style of game. The run and gun method of men's league simply doesn't work, these game tends to be very structured and defensively sound. The theme for this year was Pro Beach Hockey. Each captain (goalies) not only drafted their teams, but also their team name. Please check out the latest podcast for the live draft results! The league will start 1/11 at 7:30 pm. Livestream

Jr Prospects League

Finally something we have all been waiting for, the rebirth of Youth Hockey. The Jr Prospects League is a developmental league for players looking to take the next step with inline hockey. We had 54 total players sign up and even had to put a few as reserves. This league will continue to grow and be a feeder system for the MAD Hockey Adult Leagues. The league start Friday 1/8 at 7:30 pm.  Check out our Facebook Page for the Livestream! Livestream

Ball Hockey League 

The ball hockey league has always been a staple in the MAD/Nerc community. Frank Farinella does a great job at not only recruiting the players, but also making sure everyone is has a fair shot at the title. This is where the Premier League got its idea from. Ball Hockey can be a grind and that's exactly what this season looks to bring to the table. We hope to be back to 10 teams, but even at 8 teams the competition is through the roof! The draft will live on Instagram on 1/11 and the league will start 1/18! Live Draft (1/11)


The Weeknight Hockey League has 22 teams this season. The divisional breakdown is Silver, Bronze A, and Bronze B. This year the Silver division looks a little different with the addition of the Premier League. The Silver divisions 10 teams are all loaded with talent and more importantly BROMANCES. This is a great divisions to stay competitive while being able to hang with the boys. The Bronze A and B Divisions were finally broken down to provide a more balanced level of play. Bronze A has a bunch of new teams in the mix and will be interesting to see how this division pans out with teams moving up from Bronze B. Bronze B is almost becoming a 35 plus league and its something that we are looking at in the future! Livestream